The Most Common Stretch Given By Doctors is Bad for Your Lower Back

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By Injury Specialist & Kinesiologist Rick Kaselj, MS.

The # 1 worst stretch for your back is the Double Knees to Chest.

This is a really typical stretch and a lot of the time it is suggested to people who have back pain.

Individuals who perform this exercise bring their knees towards their chest and truly pull with their hands to get what they think is a great stretch however in reality it is injuring their back. Plus they might even bring their heads up off the floor which triggers more damage to their back.

With this particular stretch, what it winds up doing is it puts a high load and tension on the lower back due to the fact that your back flattens out. Whenever this specific movement happens, it increases the risk of injury. Even worse, it considerably increases the risk of re-injury, which is why you want to prevent this movement at all expenses.

Do This Instead from the New Fix My Back Pain System…

What we can do instead of the Double Knees to Chest Exercise is the Cat and Dog Stretch.

To perform this stretch, start by entering into a 4 point position. Drop your head and round out your back like an upset feline. Focus on rounding up through that mid back. Then in a sluggish and controlled way, raise your direct and drop your stomach. Remember to keep your arms directly.

The feline and pet dog stretch is exceptional when it comes to dealing with enhancing movement through the hips and motion throughout the whole spine.

When it pertains to your lower back, there specify motions that we require to improve. Among the motions is movement of the back, especially the mid back. A lot of times in that mid back, individuals end up being truly stiff and they need to improve that movement in order to reduce the stress in the back.

You would do this specific stretch for 1 set of 5 repetitions and then you can progress to 10 repetitions. Now that you know how to perform this stretch, you will have an excellent way to reduce a few of the discomfort in your back.

“But I’ve Been Doing Harmful Stretches for Years!…

…Now What?”.

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Handling pain in the back in general even if it’s moderate usually times includes unlimited cycles of visits, examinations, extending and strengthening.

After having hundreds of my clients go through this run-around, with very little success, it has resulted in the creation of the BR3 Method which is based on one key principle: Reshaping your lower back from an uncomfortable lower back to a pain-free back spine, which I’ll inform you more about on the next page.

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Here’s What To Do Next…

If you ‘d like to leave a significant blowout and repair your back in just minutes… so you can return to your 100% strength pain-free exercises without feeling bullied into appointments, medications or going under the knife, I have some remarkable suggestions for you on the next page.